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ALUSCOP Sliding Curtain Glass is a panoramic sliding curtain glass system.​ It is designed as an alternative to optimize your unit spacing while conserving an uninterrupted view as well as sound and temperature insulation.
When the curtain is opening or closing, the glass panel being handled will smoothly drag the remaining panels with it in a telescopic manner.
​ALUSCOP Sliding Curtain Glass is easily integrated to all sorts of architectural openings such as balconies, terraces, pergolas and partitions.

Main Features

  • Thin Aluminum frames allowing same visibility of folding curtain glass
  • Allows double glazing (up to 20mm in thickness) and tempered glass for maximum sound and thermal insulation
  • Reliable system over time with no need to change parts​
  • Efficient and quick motion for opening and closing
  • Allows stacking of panels to the right or left